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TEMS Investigation 17.2.4 Release

1. About This Release

© Ascom 2016. All rights reserved.

TEMS is a trademark of Ascom. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

2. Important Information

2.1. ODM Service Limitations

The following limitations currently apply to ODM voice and data services on various devices.

• To run PEVQ-S tests with the phones listed below, you need to apply a Log Configuration script activity to the device with the option “Optimized for Data KPI Reports” selected. Alternatively, manually disable the DPL log (0x11EB):

– Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910G

– Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A

– Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini SGH-I257

2.2. Disabling Wi-Fi for Mobile Network Testing

Before using smart phone devices for mobile network data service testing, be sure to turn off Wi-Fi on the device. If Wi-Fi is enabled, the device may run data transfers over Wi-Fi rather than over the mobile network it is camping on (even if a correct APN has been entered).

2.3. Setting Up Qualcomm Chipset Based Samsung Devices for VoLTE and Data Service Testing

Qualcomm chipset based Samsung devices with VoLTE capability need to be set up differently depending on what services are to be tested. Here are some guidelines:

• If you are going to test VoLTE or ODM based data services only, the device should be either in USB mode DM+MODEM+ADB, or in USB mode “MTP+ADB and tethered”. Please remember to start the OnDevice IP Sniffing service from TEMS Investigation.

• If you want to test both VoLTE and PC based data services concurrently, the device must be in USB mode “MTP+ADB and tethered” if the data testing is to be done over the Ethernet interface. DM+MODEM+ADB will only provide a Dial-Up connection (RAS).

The USB mode “MTP+ADB and tethered” requires that the device be equipped with an Ascom on-device diagnostics service (“On-device Diag”). This is because the USB mode in question does not expose a serial COM port for DM (Diagnostics Mode).

2.4. Keeping Down Logfile Size When Running Data Services on Qualcomm and Samsung Chipset Based Devices

This section applies to Qualcomm chipset based and Samsung chipset based devices, unless otherwise stated.

It is strongly recommended to follow these steps, since otherwise the PC processing load will become excessive.

• When testing data services only, use a Log Configuration script activity with the option “Optimized for Data KPI Reports” selected.

• For Qualcomm chipset devices, you can alternatively either disable the DPL log (0x11EB) or set USB mode to RNDIS+DM+MODEM. Be aware that in RNDIS+DM+MODEM mode it is not possible to apply certain control functions such as RAT and band lock. In TEMS Investigation the DPL log is by default turned off in RNDIS+DM+MODEM mode.

• When testing test both VoLTE and data services concurrently, use a Log Configuration script activity with the option “Optimized for Voice/Data KPI Reports” selected.

3. TEMS Investigation 17.2.4

3.1. New Features

3.1.1.New Connectable Devices

A number of different Samsung Galaxy S7s are now possible to connect in TEMS Investigation:

• Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F

• Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F

• Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930A*

• Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935A*

• Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930T*

• Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935T*

• Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930V*

• Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935V G935T*

• Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930P*

• Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935P*

• Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930R4*

• Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935R4*

And in addition to those also some additional LG G4s:

• LG G4 H810 ODM+

• LG G4 H811 ODM+

• LG G4 LS991 ODM+

‘*’ = actually supported already in TEMS Investigation TI 17.2.3

3.1.2. Control Functions on Samsung Chipset Devices

The previous requirement on deactivating/activating the device in TEMS Investigation to make the control function active is now removed. In addition to this RAT lock and cell lock is now possible on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G920F.

3.1.3. Cell Lock Control Functions on Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G9208

Cell lock control functions have been implemented for Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G9208.

• GSM cell lock (ARFCN + BSIC)

• WCDMA cell lock (UARFCN + SC)

• LTE cell lock (EARFCN + PCI)

3.1.4. ACU R2 AQM support

ACRU R2 AQM support has been added to the following devices:

– Apple iPhone 6S (M2M)

– LG G4 H810 ODM+ (M2M/M2F)

– LG G4 H811 ODM+ (M2M/M2F)

– LG G4 LS991 ODM+ (M2M/M2F)

– LG G4 VS986 ODM Diag (M2M)

3.1.5. GSM C/I measurement support in newer Qualcom chipset

The GSM C/I metric can now also be obtained with Qualcomm MSM8994 chipset based devices

3.1.6. IMS IP security support in Qualcomm chipset devices

IMS IPSec encryption algorithm may now be enabled for Qualcomm chipset devices.

3.2. Corrected Bugs

• Added handling of invalid SIP Invite Request command sequence

• PC based IP capture improved handling of out-of-order packets

• FTP service not handling port mode

• Attach completion time not calculated on device timestamp

• ODM SMS service not available on ODM call control only devices

• Installation not working with HASP on Windows 10

• Interference in between TI installation and CAD tool

• Problem in locking Sony Xperia Z5 to band38

• GSM Speech Codec not updated in text export

• Qualcomm IMS devices VoLTE calls shows erroneous call events

• Activation problem of Samsung chipset devices of ICD version 5.x

• Erroneous Samsung chipset secondary cell measurements

• Erroneous GSM Cell identity decoding

• Export of speed information element not correct

• Problem with ODM install function in non-English Windows

• Enhanced detection of SM-G900F ODM

• Corrected WCDMA serving cell identity handling

• Samsung chipset erroneous handling of PCI 0

• Handling added of VisualStudio 2015 update 2

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